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Residency Requirements

Residency attendance is recorded and appraised as part of each student’s annual Academic Progress Review. To most accurately record a student’s attendance, the department utilizes a unit system, Residency Attendance Units (RAU). Units are awarded according to specific periods of time. For example:

  • Thursday evening: 1 RAU
  • Friday morning: 1 RAU
  • Friday afternoon: 1 RAU
  • Saturday morning: 1 RAU
  • Saturday afternoon: 1 RAU

Check-in times are offered throughout the weekend, and it is each student’s responsibility to document their attendance for that period of time. Residency Attendance Units are not offered for attendance at social events offered throughout the residency, such as evening receptions. Social events are not required attendance, although encouraged.

A student must earn a minimum of 15 RAUs before he or she will be permitted to enroll in RES 8001: Qualifying Research Seminar. The department recommends the accumulation of at least five units per year of enrollment. This is to ensure students have adequate residency attendance established before moving in to the dissertation phase of the program.

Failing to Fulfill Residency Requirements

Residency is required by Indiana Tech and its accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission, to fulfill Ph.D. degree requirements. Therefore, students who are found lacking in RAUs at the time of enrollment in RES 8001 will be required to earn the deficit units before continuing with the program. Students can earn more units by attending another residency weekend. Another option, an academic topic paper, is also available for extenuating circumstances.

Academic Topic Paper

The student must submit an appeal to be considered for this option. Academic topic papers will be assigned only after it has been determined by the program director that no other option is available for the student to earn additional units.

If approved, the student will be given an individual writing project. The content will be related to topics presented during residencies the student did not attend. Specific subject matter is up to the discretion of the program director. The paper must be an original work in referenced, APA style.

  • 10 accepted narrative pages = 1 RAU

These research projects will be reviewed on a pass/fail basis by an appeals committee.