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Ph.D. Immersion with students discussion topics.

Lead in today’s multifaceted environment and conduct cross-cultural research to examine interrelationships between culture and organizational leadership.

Ph.D. 10 Year Anniversary
Ph.D. in Global Leadership Celebrating 10 Years

Indiana Tech’s Ph.D. in Global Leadership program is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Since its inception in 2008, Indiana Tech’s Ph.D. in Global Leadership program has helped 81 graduates become better leaders for their organizations—and for the world.

Global Practicum - Rome
Global Travel and Leadership

Students gain practical experience in international cultures, enhance research skills, and integrate experiential learning.

Keynote speaker presenting during Immersion Weekend
Residency Weekends

Opportunities for academic enrichment as well as socialization with faculty and fellow students.


May 10 -
Jun 20, 2020
Session 5
May 10 -
Jul 5, 2020
Session 6
Jun 14, 2020Session 7 Registration Deadline
Jun 28 -
Aug 8, 2020
Session 7
Aug 1, 2020Session 1 Registration Deadline
Aug 16 -
Oct 10, 2020
Session 1
Oct 3, 2020Session 2 Registration Deadline
Oct 18 -
Dec 12, 2020
Session 2
Dec 19, 2020Session 3 Registration Deadline
Jan 3 -
Feb 27, 2021
Session 3
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