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The curriculum breakdown for the Ph.D. in Global Leadership program is described below. For more details on the coursework required for this program, you can view the catalog.

Research Core

The research core is six courses totaling 18 credits. The coursework focuses on research methods, scholarly inquiry and technical writing, critical analysis of literature, and statistical analysis.

The research core also includes development of a qualifying paper offering critical analysis of literature on an approved topic. This qualifying paper may become a component of a student’s dissertation.

Global Leadership Core

The global leadership core is six courses totaling 18 credits. The courses explore leadership topics related to change, communications, ethics, social responsibility, teamwork, and global strategy.

Leadership Concentrations

Students choose a concentration consisting of six courses totaling 18 credits. (can be combined)

Organizational Leadership

Students in the organizational leadership concentration will pursue coursework designed to prepare them for increasing leadership roles within for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. This specialty is ideal for students seeking added responsibility in their current field of expertise, or for faculty in the field of leadership, organizational management, or related disciplines.

Higher Education Administration

Students in the higher education administration concentration will pursue coursework designed to prepare them for increasing leadership in higher education. This specialty is ideal for faculty in the field of leadership or related disciplines as well as administrators in areas such as academic affairs, student services, financial aid, admissions, or athletics.

Business Administration

The business administration concentration is part of our Pathway to Ph.D. program, in which students who have earned their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) can transfer 15 credit hours into the Ph.D. program at Indiana Tech, leaving just one course (3 credits) left in order to fulfill their concentration requirement. This specialty is designed for students who want to maximize their MBA and take the next step in their educational journey by earning a Ph.D. in Global Leadership. *Students must have earned their MBA within the last 10 years and graduated with a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0. 


The dissertation is the culmination of the Ph.D. program. It must address an original investigation of a problem of significance in the student’s area of specialization and demonstrate that the candidate is capable of conducting and reporting research and analysis in this area of specialization.