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Residency Highlights

Although a required component of the doctoral student experience, residency weekends (also known as Immersion Weekends) are wonderful opportunities for academic enrichment as well as socialization with faculty and fellow students.

In addition to keynote presentations given by some of the sharpest minds in the field of global leadership, students are given opportunities to network in formal and informal settings, witness live dissertation defenses, and attend workshops specialized to their current academic level and interest. Workshop sessions typically cover topics such as quantitative and qualitative research, identifying the research gap, career development and publishing, academic writing, conference preparation, and global trends in both organizational management and academic administration. Students are also given opportunities to interact with faculty concerning development of the qualifying paper and dissertation.

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Residency Themes

Previous residency weekend themes have included:

  • Diverse and Inclusive Global Leadership: Insights from Research and Practice
  • Global Civic Engagement: Using Social Media Research to Understand Leadership within a Civil Society
  • Current Issues in Higher Education: The Global Executive Perspective
  • Africa at a Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities for a New Generation of Leaders
  • Women Global Leaders as Change Agents in Scholarship and Practice
  • Emerging Realities of Global Leadership: Driving the Next Five Years of Research and Practice 
  • Multi-level Influence of Global Context: Government Realities and Expatriate Assignments
  • Metacognition: Thinking about Thinking
  • Systemic Understanding in an Interconnected World
  • Global Followers: An Answer to Organizational Success?
  • Is Culture an Essential Element of Global Leadership? Research and Debate
  • Global Leadership Realities: From Embracing Culture to Understanding Complexity
  • Looking Forward: Advances in Global Leadership and Your Professional Career
  • Cultural Intelligence and Theory Development