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Global Practicum Policy

Global practicum may be substituted for any course in the area of a student’s concentration.

The student must complete at least 9 hours of coursework in the program prior to taking a global practicum.

Students are strongly encouraged to take one global practicum during the progression of their studies. A special consideration may be given to a second global practicum if it presents unique academic value and helps advance the student’s dissertation research (e.g. pilot study). Therefore, the global practicum course may be taken twice for credit.

Global practicum course is three (3) credit hours. Therefore, it requires 135 hours of learning experience (inside and outside the classroom). Examples of experiences include face-to-face interactions with a professor and classmates on the trip, pilot study activities at an international site, information search before the trip, readings, or assignments. Leisure travel time that might take place as part of the experience should not be factored in the course work.

Global practica can be taken as an individual or as part of a group. Goals, learning objectives, readings, and deliverables for the individual course are discussed with the course professor prior to the start of the class. Individual global practica have required activities as well as providing flexibility for students to design unique academic activities to meet identified learning objectives.

The global practicum must be approved by the Director of the Ph.D. Program at least three (3) weeks prior to the start of the course. See the request form for details.

Rev. 4/13/2017