Credit Hour Policy

All of the courses in the program are valued at three credits and are delivered online using Blackboard as the course management system.  Courses follow the formula of the equivalent of 45 hours of direct instruction and 135 hours of related learning activities.  Several different types of learning activities are included within the delivery of the courses and are designed in accordance with the following expectations:

  1. Readings from required texts/articles and other related materials requiring at least 64 hours.
  2. Preparation of papers and projects related to the reading and/or required research activities requiring at least 64 hours.
  3. Assessment activities including feedback from faculty on papers/research projects, revisions, and discussion board posts and responses requiring at least 24 hours.
  4. Direct interaction with faculty and classmates using web-conferencing, phone calls, discussion board postings requiring at least 28 hours.

In addition, students are required to attend Immersion Weekends during their enrollment in the program.  These experiences are not credit bearing and do not require payment of tuition.  Students must cover their own travel expenses.