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Writing Editor Program

Do you need writing assistance?

All students should begin by reviewing the presentation on writing and 7th edition APA style.  (A separate presentation on plagiarism is also available.)

Writing Coordinator

Dr. Amy Lyndon, adjunct faculty for the Ph.D. in Global Leadership Program, serves as the program’s Writing Coordinator.

Freelance Editor Program

If you determine you need more personalized assistance, you must first choose the type of editor you need.  (Full explanations for each type are available near the bottom of this page.)

  • Writing Tutor: Limited help with class papers and conference submissions.
  • Writing Editor: Provides feedback about content, argument structure, as well as sentence structure, grammar, and APA style, mainly for QPs and Dissertations.
  • Dissertation Copy-editor: A pre or post dissertation defense evaluation for the committee focusing solely on grammar, typos, and APA style.

Complete the Pre-evaluation Form to let an editor know the topics on which you would like them to focus.  Please submit a writing editor request when you have a document ready (or close to ready) to submit a document to an editor.  The Writing Coordinator will contact the editor who best fits these topics and put the individual in touch with you.

Any eventual payment for services rendered will pass directly from the student to the editor.


  • Please give sufficient time to receive and correct for the feedback prior to any due dates for class or defense times.
  • All editors keep track of their time and payment will be calculated by any time spent on the paper and in meetings with the student.
  • The writing editor cannot re-write sections of the paper.

Editor Types

Writing Tutor

A writing tutor offers writers the opportunity to work with an individual who can read drafts in advance and guide them in matters related to structure, argument, and clear writing. Although the focus may be on the ideas, argument, and organization of a paper, tutors also have in mind larger issues about argumentation, critical thinking, and style. A writing tutor cannot proofread or edit a paper. However, they will discuss concerns about grammar or sentence structure and offer suggestions. Tutors will only review a proportion of the final paper (60%). Feedback will be an evaluation form with some light commentary on the form, but not commentary on the paper itself. $30/hour

Writing Editor

A writing editor will review a paper and make note of problems and inconsistencies within the document. Areas such as grammar, spelling, APA format, logic, organization, and flow of the paper will be reviewed and noted and suggestions for improvement offered. The writing editor will review the entire document and identify patterns within the student’s writing. However, it is not the responsibility of the writing editor to mark every error that needs attention. Rather, problems will be noted throughout the paper, and suggestions offered for possible corrections. An editor should not be viewed as a proofreader. $35/hour

Dissertation Copy-editor

The proofreader is the last person to check a manuscript before submitting it as the final version to the committee. The proofreader checks to be sure the entire document meets the university standards for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA format. The dissertation proofreader will point out issues that the student will need to fix throughout their final products and will not fix every issue. The proofreader will not provide feedback about the structure, arguments, or clarity in writing. $25/hour

Document Types


Writing tutors will offer a one-hour meeting (over phone or collaborate software) where the tutor provides feedback on a proportion of the paper, focusing on the priorities outlined in the pre-evaluation focus form. Assignment instructions must be included. This assistance is an option for only one paper per course, as the goal is for students to learn to do standalone work for their grades.

Conference submissions, QP, and pre-Dissertation proposals

Writing tutor, editor, or proofreader categories.

Post-dissertation defense

Dissertation proofreader/copy-editor only.